1. Idea

It all starts with an idea, usually with something rather simple. A new product, unconventional functionality, innovation into an existing resource… The idea shows promise but does it really have an affect on the business? This is where Incito comes in.

2. Specification, definition, patent

If the idea stands for elementary explorations, it needs to be defined more carefully as a solution. This may call for a patent and more refined specification. It is not unusual for Incito to own patents. In fact, it owns several ones and also for sale.

3. Prototype, tests

Once initial idea and definition are set, it can be matured a while. But soon it is essential to do first tests in practise. This stage calls for a prototype and small-scale piloting to further test the idea.

4. Sales, promotion

It is time to map out and contact first potential customers. Incito prepares first promotion materials to explain the basic business idea, potential cost savings and full benefits. This is sale in its purity and might require numerous meetings in different levels of a company.

5. Full-scale piloting

This is a chance to see if the innovation really can cash out its potential and promise. It is financed by a potential customer and executed in the real-life factory setting.

6. Launch

If the tested solution gets full proof and green light to proceed, it is prepared for deployment and set up for ready for launch. A new company will be set up with Incito as a partner, to handle the deployment in practice. The marketing efforts continue, leading into possible new customers, export and expansion.